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SNData provides access to data releases published by a variety of supernova (SN) surveys. It is designed to support the development of scalable analysis pipelines that translate with minimal effort between and across data sets. A summary of accessible data is provided below. Access to additional surveys is added upon request or as needed for individual research projects undertaken by the developers. To request an additional survey / data release, please raise an issue on GitHub.

Using These Docs

SNData is designed to provide as consistent of an interface as possible across surveys. The Getting Started guides are intended to help you get up and running quickly and to familiarize you with the general SNData interface. Additional API documentation is provided for each individual data set to highlight any (very) minor deviations a particular survey or data release may have from the rest of the package. In general you should:

  1. Read the installation guide (~1 minute if you know how to use pip)
  2. Read the quick start guide to learn how the package works (~5 minutes)
  3. Read the slow start guide for a better understanding of the available features and how they can make your life easier (~10 minutes)
  4. Refer to the API documentation for a given survey as you see necessary

Available Data

SNData provides data access for the following supernova surveys. If you are having issues downloading data for a particular survey or data release, please check the Server Status Page.

Survey Name Data Release Data Type
Berkeley Supernova Ia Program Stahl et al. 2020 Spectroscopic
Carnegie Supernova Project DR1 Spectroscopic
DR3 Photometric
Dark Energy Survey SN3YR Photometric
Equation of State: Supernovae Trace Cosmic Expansion Narayan et al. 2016 Photometric
Joint Light-Curve Analysis Betoule et al. 2014 Photometric
Lick Observatory Supernova Search Sako et al. 2018 Photometric
Sako et al. 2018 Photometric
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Sako et al. 2018 Photometric
Sako et al. 2018 Photometric
Supernova Legacy Survey Balland et al. 2009 Spectroscopic
Sweetspot Weyant et al. 2018 Photometric