Installation and Setup

To install the package, please choose from one of the options below.


No survey data is downloaded when installing or upgrading SNData. All data management is handled explicitly, as outlined in the Slow Start tutorial.


If pip is unavailable on your system, the package source code is available on GitHub.

# Clone the source code from GitHub
git clone SNData

# Install the package from source
cd SNData
python install --user

As in the previous method, any missing dependencies in your Python environment should be installed automatically. If you have any issues installing the package, install each dependency from requirements.txt and then try again.

Configuring Data Storage

By default data downloaded by sndata is stored in the installation directory. This can be changed to a custom directory by specifying the value SNDATA_DIR in your environment (i.e., in you .bash_profile or .bashrc file). For example:

export SNDATA_DIR="/your/data/directory/path"