The wrappers contains function or object wrappers used by the parent package.

sndata.utils.wrappers.build_pbar(data: iter, verbose: Union[bool, dict])[source]

Cast an iterable into a progress bar

If verbose is False, return data unchanged.

  • data – An iterable object
  • verbose – Arguments for tqdm.tqdm
sndata.utils.wrappers.ignore_warnings_wrapper(func: callable) → callable[source]

Ignores warnings issued by the wrapped function call

sndata.utils.wrappers.lru_copy_cache(maxsize: int = 128, typed: bool = False, copy: bool = True)[source]

Decorator to cache the return of a function

Similar to functools.lru_cache, but allows a copy of the cached value to be returned, thus preventing mutation of the cache.

  • maxsize – Maximum size of the cache
  • typed – Cache objects of different types separately (Default: False)
  • copy – Return a copy of the cached item (Default: True)

A decorator